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1. What is all about? is a SMS text/messaging service. You can customize your SMS and you do not need a phone or SIM card to begin with. All messages are sent out through our server.

2. How can I customize the Sender ID?
You may customize it to any alphanumeric string up to 11 characters or numeric string up to 17 characters of your choice e.g. "ABC Ltd" or "12345678901234567". Some carriers may modify or block your message due to the spoofed Sender ID. To ensure high chances of your SMS being received, we recommend Sender ID to be a 10 or 11 digit value (for US, recommended to begin with the country code 1).

3. Would the recipient be able to reply?
The recipient will only be able to reply if the Sender ID is configured to be a legitimate number. The legitimate owner of the number will receive the reply.

4. What is the network coverage like?
Yes. boasts a worldwide coverage, including USA, UK, Australia, Asia etc. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions and Coverage Map for more info!

5. I've sent a message but it has not been received!
Messages usually reach the recipient in less than a minute's time.

Please ensure that the recipient is in a GSM network (not a CDMA one) that is listed in our Coverage Map. Some carriers may block the incoming SMS if the value or length of it is invalid, as such you may wish to consider using a 10-digit Sender ID value. If you are sure the number is correctly entered and the recipient is in the Coverage Map, please send details (e.g. Recipient's Number, Country, Carrier) to help (at) and we'll follow up on your ticket.

6. How do I contact you if I need help?
We provide quick email response within 1 working day. E-mail us at help (at) anytime, or use the online form at Contacts section. © 2009-2022 | Terms & Conditions